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    How to get rid of coffee stains?

    Hi there, My younger sister is very much addicted to coffee. She drinks it at any time. This has caused stains on her teeth.
    She doesn't bother about it but my mom is concerned and is behind her to get it cleaned. I have researched online for home remedies and she has been trying few of them such as rubbing her teeth with fruit peels, oil pulling, and kaolin clay. She has stopped doing it as she can't see any changes. I told her it is because she is still having the coffee. I advised her to stop drinking coffee for a while and get rid of her stains. She said some of her friends has undergone teeth whitening procedure from a dental care clinic in Kitchener. She too needs to undergo the procedure. But I just wonder if it's safe for a 15 year to undergo this procedure. I think there is no point in undergoing this procedure if she is continuing to drink coffee. I don't know how to stop her addiction to coffee. Is there any suggestion? Thanks!!

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    I also like coffe and I have the same problem.

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    It doesn't matter what thinks your sister, a girl must have beautiful teeth. I wish I could have such problems like unclean teeth, but my problem was that the teeth were deviated. Thankfully I succeeded to fix the problem, by fixing the teeth. I was afraid to use braces, but thankfully I met a dentist who offered me another option. He told that I should try aligners. I decided to try aligners and thankfully this was the best decision I could make. This is like an invisible braces. If you also need invisible braces in saudi arabia, then you are one click away.
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    Just tell her seriously about its side effects.



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