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    Do you like reading?

    And in what age did you learn this? I was 5 yo when I learned, it's still one of my favourite hobbies, what about you?

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    Oh yes, it's one of my the most favourite hobbies! I got a great interest in books starting from my childhood and I still adore reading very much, even my profession is connected with languages and literature And in my case it was because of a great influence of my parents, they adored reading too and created a big interest in me for books, even when I was a child I adored the most of all when they read me aloud smth interesting. And I remember how impatient I was with gaining this skill too so with such motivation it wasn't a problem for me at all. I was taught with the help of various alphabet games, singing and rhyming words, also I liked to learn poems by heart and make various crafts from letters. I was 4 years old when I finally started to read and that was really a happy day for me.
    It was the same with my kids, I used the same methods for them and the general process was pleasant for all of us. My oldest son didn't become such a great fan of reading as I but we didn't have problems with teaching him like it's so often said about modern kids. Everything depends on parents in this case and even with all those modern gadgets it's possible to make a child interested in learning, besides there are now even special virtual games for teaching alphabet like Baloony World, Fish School HD, Zebrainy ABCs and so on. And yeah, parents' example is very important too.
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    i can't say for sure when my interest in reading started. My mother used to read stories to us at bedtime. Some were short and completed within half an hour, others were a nightly installment for several days. My biggest inspiration for a love of reading was my senior year literature teacher, Louise Booth. She was a fiery redhead...a little harsh to the eye, but with a passionate personality to compensate...who was married to a doctor, and, therefore, was afforded the income to travel the world during summer breaks. She read out loud to the class because she knew that was the only way the words would enter the heads of many of the students, and many resented her for this. She gave me an interest in Russian literature with a slide show lecture on Russia, and numerous pictures of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. For the summer following my high school graduation, I picked up a old paperback copy of Irving Stone's 'The Agony and the Ecstasy'. The glue on the spine was so brittle that the pages would just fall out when the pages were turned, so I just threw them out as I read...and the book got smaller and smaller. Still my most memorable reading experience to date...and I'm a bit older now. I wish I had time to read more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Peaberry View Post
    I wish I had time to
    Hi Mr. Peaberry,

    It's good to see that you have some fond memories. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Your trip to Guatemala is rapidly approaching. Maybe this weekend, you could buy a paperback book, and stuff it in your carry-on bag, so you'll have it to read on the plane.
    I hope you have a very enjoyable, educational, and relaxing trip.




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