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    Suggestions Please: Looking to buy an espresso machine in Toronto.

    I am a barista. I used to work in a coffee shop in Toronto. I left the job three years ago and own a coffee shop of my own. My dad provided financial help to start the coffee shop. With God's blessing, the coffee shop is running successfully. Now, I have three staffs to assist me. My husband helps me often.

    Yesterday, an incident took place at my coffee shop and right now it bothers me very much. One of my staff had an electrical shock while working in the kitchen. My husband took him to the hospital immediately. He felt a little bit panic, but was okay after sometimes. The doctor said that there is nothing to worry.

    My husband contacted one of his friends who is a licensed electrician from Toronto. He performed an inspection inside the coffee shop. The reason for the electric shock was because of the faulty expresso machine in the kitchen. My staff got shocked when he touched the metal parts of the machine. The electrician recommended replacing the espresso machine. I want to buy a new espresso machine. Can you suggest a place in Toronto where high-quality espresso machines are sold?
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    1. i Would research machines
    2. I would check out the restaurant auctions. There are lots
    3. I would figure out what they are worth and then plan on $1200 for service/maitenance as machines easily seize when not in use.

    If you want to contact me, I have a independent service guy (in Toronto) that also sells machines and/or check out machines for you.

    No I am not in business with him
    No I do not receive any benefit from him



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