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    I want to expand my fresh-frozen seafood business globally - internationally

    For any business, in the recent times, it has become essential to take their business to global market and make it a global brand it will not only help the business to find more regions to operate but it will also make the customers of the firm be increased. I am looking for some international buyers for fresh frozen seafood. I have got the best quality of seafood with variety and that too with the best prices. I want to know how can I find some international buyers or how can I take the same to the international market.

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    I'm sure you realize that this is a Coffee Forum, and most of us don't know much about international buyers for frozen seafood.

    However, since you wrote your post in the "Off Topic" thread, it is possible that someone who deals with international coffee buyers will read it and be able to give you information about locating international buyers.

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    Frozen food business in Nigeria has become another successful goal to become rich and have a sustainable income. ... The frozen state of the food keeps it fresh and saves nutrient elements. I think this business is very profitable and i guess you have to take the start of your business from Nigeria because this is a popular business in nigeria.



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