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    Tips on how I can save from shopping for my baby

    Hey everyone,

    So my baby is growing up too fast and we need some new clothes for her. We want to buy some new ones but it would suck if she would just outgrow them before the clothes are so used.

    For the parents out there, do you have any tips on how I can save money from my baby's wardrobe?

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    We shopped at old navy. My wife was friends with the manager and she would let us know the sale days(ask the manager and they will be happy to let you know) Super cheap so you wont get upset when it is too small or gets stained.
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    Having a good washer and dryer helps.

    Just have enough sets of clothes to get through a few days, and wash them over and over again.

    Dawn dishwashing liquid is great for pre-treating food (and other) stains. I'm sure you'll be running into problems with stain removal as time goes by.

    Many parents buy too many outfits, and the child grows out of them before they get enough use out of them. Unless you plan to save the clothes for the next child, it's better to get lots of use out of the clothing before you have to move on to the next size.

    When you see clothes on sale, buy some that are a couple of sizes up, and put them away until you need them. Little kids don't like it when their clothes are too small (tight), but they don't seem to care when they're a little bit big.

    Please don't spend time worrying about children's fashions or competing with the other parents who buy their babies expensive clothes. If your baby is clean, dressed appropriately for the season, comfortable, happy, and loved, that's what really counts.

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    Surely helps when you know someone in the inside. Too bad that we are currently traveling so we can't really have that perk. But I do agree on just having a set number of clothes and just washing and wearing them until they are so used. My baby still wears her onesies from 0-3 months size now that she's 7 months. Although, she doesn't like her toes always curled up. I'm thinking of cutting the footsies.

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    All children grow up fast. Such purchases are inevitable



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