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    Help Please: Thoughts about roasting, labeling, etc. coffee for single servce

    Hello everyone! I am within the system of making a internet site promoting entire and grounded coffee to users on Amazon and through our internet site like best nespresso machine. I determined a roaster who will contend with roasting, labeling, and packaging the espresso for us (doesn't consist of shipping expenses). The beans are roasted in a unique method that offers a positive profile of espresso we are interested in. The quote we received from the roaster changed into $6.50 consistent with 12 ounce of espresso (equal rate for all of the extraordinary blends/skews we are using).

    Again, it truly is together with the labels front and back, the 12 ounce package with a valve, roasting the coffee and packaging it. For all and sundry who is inside the espresso enterprise, what are your thoughts at the quoted price? Does it sound affordable - too excessive or suspiciously low?

    Also, all in-delivered to the consumer, we are looking at more or less 3 dollars gross earnings consistent with 12 ounce package (after shipping prices and additional expenses). What type of income margins can one assume on promoting espresso on-line? How does this examine to all and sundry else who is doing the same?

    Thanks in advance for all and sundry's enter!

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    Where are you located? I have an account that I private label/drop ship for. $6.50 seems a bit high. After shipping there is t much meat on the bone. Is your current supplier small? If you want drop me an email at and I can explain some.of the struggles in this kind of business. I will say of you sell only 1 bag of coffee vs 2 you will lose all your money to shipping.
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