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    Camping is amazing. I've done it alone. But I tend to get lonely. I guess I just like to have company. But I'm very selective as to who I keep as company. But traveling alone on business is and entirely different thing. Once I'm done with my work for that day I'll either find some good music to go see or park myself at a bar and enjoy a good meal and a nice drink or three. Invariably you can wind up striking up a conversation with people who are also traveling alone on business or from overhearing another conversation and sticking your nose in other people's business.
    As if I'm talking to myself... Travelling alone slows down your life and gives you extra time for thinking and enjoying this life.

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    Travelling alone is absolutely cool

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    Awesome man, awesome experience. You learn a lot by travelling alone and deal with many challenges. The trabelling is a terapy, the terapy should be done in silence and peace. If you are afraid of people, airports and so on, go and check how is safe is the country. Now, I can't travel because of Coronavirus, but the last time was in Puerto Rico. Before this I checked how safe is Puerto Rico for travel
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