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    Buying different game boosters. Your attitude?

    Hi there!
    I just wonder what your attitude is towards gamers who are used to buying different boosters for their characters. What do you think is it like OK to do that? Or should gamers just improve their gaming skills through practicing only? Your opinion? I myself buy different gaming stuff now and then and see nothing bad in that. For example, last week I bought a couple skins for my CS GO character (recommend the site, awesome service, great prices). Your opinion?
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    I'm going through the Ny'alotha raid. It's not an easy game. But I like the complexity

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    never used it.

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    Games are different. I play Modern Warfare. I don't always have a lot of time to play. But the desire to play is huge. I buy a CoD Modern Warfare boost . For me, buying boosters is a normal practice. So I'm in the game and with all the achievements.



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