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    Children are happiness. Yes, we are not taught to be parents. But when I first took my son in my arms it seemed to me that the whole world had stopped and calmed down. How to care for a child?
    Don't be afraid. Your child will tell you when he is hungry, when he is cold, when he wants to hand, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkRose View Post
    Hello Gina,

    Congratulations on your upcoming new arrival to your family.

    Since this is a Coffee Forum, and your question is totally off topic, I was tempted to delete it. However, I decided to let it stay to see if anyone wants to offer you some advice.

    Here is a link to a book that is highly recommended by several people that I know. It is worth having, especially in the middle of the night when you're wondering why your baby is crying so much. There is a lot of information on-line, but having a book to refer to is better. While you're waiting for the baby to arrive, take time to read through the book. It will help you feel more comfortable and you'll be better prepared for all sorts of things.

    ~ Rose
    thank you. I will check it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by And3y View Post
    Becoming a parent is a responsibility. Just take care of your kid, don't worry about difficulties. God will give a way.
    I agree with the first part about becoming a parent is a responsibility. But the world is full of people who rely on the last part. I'm not dissing god or anything here but it's all up to the parent and no one else, not even the big guy.
    Absurdity is the only reality - FZ


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