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    I have a group of people who I do Zoom Yoga sessions with every single day at 8 AM without fail. We share a YouTube Yoga video and have pre and post Yoga chat. Honestly made a huge difference for maintaining fitness and just social life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Peanbetry View Post
    Does cybersport count?
    At the moment I am getting ready for the first World of Warcraft competition in my life it will take place presumably in August this year in Toronto. Our team hac the chance to get the main award. In Battle for Azeroth epic dungeons are still a vital part of character progression I guess. New dungeons, new affixes bring same challenges. We bought a WoW mythic boost to save a huge load of time Hope to win the competition in about a month!
    Hi Peanbetry!
    Wish you good luck at the competition. I myself used to be a huge fan of the World of Warcraft universe

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    buy a home fitness equipment like treadmill, exercise bike, (Eg: ... in my opinion that is a good solution now

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    It is a tough period to maintain a figure.Don't eat more which cause you to increase your weight.Do exercise regularly.Eat on time


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