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    I have personally been using home gym equipment, but there is no reason you can't just use body weight exercises to keep up on your health. Remember we are not only staying at home, but also probably sitting a lot more too, so don't forget to take standing breaks from anything you may be doing.

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    I know that for some of you it could be something strange, but in order to keep my body healthy and in fit, I do yoga. I have discovered this passion recently. I won a coupon that offered a free lesson of yoga, I went there and I liked it a lot. Then I started to go there often and often. I thought I will practice it for maximum two months, but now I understand that it is almost a year and a half. I bought everything for my yoga training from a good yoga store that has the best products for yoga.
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    Sadly, I'm consistenly getting fatter everyday. Not sure how are others able to maintain their physique or even improved it this pandemic, I always go to gym with a buddy before and I just can't do exercise alone at home.

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    I workout a few times a week, depending on how I'm feeling, cause I sit a lot in front of the PC, so it's something very much needed. I play a lot of CS and it requires for me to sit all day in front of the computer so my back is huring quite a lot because of that. I'm working out and taking a break from competitive playing and I just got a faceit account from here to play just for fun a bit with my friends every other day. It's a well deserved break, this one.
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    Hi, I use morning walking but I avoid mask at that time. Because when I walk or run then mask will be harmful to you. So avoid using mask during exercise. But not in public places, must wear mask. Thanks

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    In quarantine, I have a new hobby, namely video games. I played a lot of games being on self-isolation, because in particular there was nothing to do, so I began to study the game world, although I did not play at all before and considered it a boring occupation. That's why I made friends with new people in games, found the activity that I like, and in particular found a place where you can buy rocket league items and enjoy the game. This is a great opportunity that opens up new horizons
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