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    Advice Please: I have a job interview soon.

    I have a job interview in four days. Any advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darla View Post
    I have a job interview in four days. Any advice.
    This is way off topic.

    You didn't say what kind of job you're interviewing for.

    Is it an in-person interview or a Skype interview?

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    Will try my best! i will learn tell me about yourself example i got a job interview tuesday

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    Answer honestly. A rare interview does without uncomfortable questions. Reasons for finding a job, conflicts with the leader, professional failures - it is important for the employer to compile a complete picture of your experience.

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    I think that if you are confident, your interview will end up getting a job. If we talk about me, I've decided that I don't need an office job, but I want a remote one. And then I will be able to spend more time with my children. And so, I found online courses in the field of IT and employment opportunities in a decent company. But first I need to master the necessary knowledge and skills, pass the exams to get the 2020 Cisco Certification, and then I can count on a good position. If I find enough time for the courses and make the necessary effort, I am sure that I will succeed. And I wish you good luck!
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    Just be yourself and everything will be fine. Good luck to you.
    I also had to go through something like that, like everyone else, and I know how many emotions there are in such situations but I think we should take it easy.
    I personally work as a respiratory therapist and I love my job. If anyone wants to know more details about this job you can enter this page.
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