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    5 Life-Changing Questions to Ask Yourself Today

    1. How will your life be different in a year?

    2. What are you grateful for?

    3. What nice thing can you do for someone else today?

    4. How much do you worry about what others think?

    5. What are you doing to invest in your relationships?

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    Well, if someone else is also interested in such meditation methods, than I must say that these 5 questions are fine, but not really effective. I mean, to get a result you have to go deeper in yourself. Imagine that for each question, you should ask yourself 7 times more ”Why...?” and just then you will have the answer. Such questions-therapy is very effective, but it has to be done professionally. I always search for prepared lists with questions, for example on , for working with different sentiments and problems and it helps.
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    I agree with number 4. I often think how people might misunderstand me for something. But the thought that you cannot please everybody changes my way of thinking. Now I go to work without worries .
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