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    Smile Hi forum members :)

    Hi everyone i am new to this forum and like to share some thing about coffee i got a page in FB its mostly about filter coffee I Love My Filter Coffee!!! | Facebook view it....(Sure i am not the admin of it lol)

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    Hi Filter,
    Welcome to the coffee forums. I always try new things with coffee and results better taste. I will check your link and will comment on it later. Keep sharing.
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    Beautiful FB page buddy......... i Like it.....

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    Welcome to the Coffee Forums. Neat facebook, I'm working on mine as we speak lol. Tell us some more about yourself.

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    Hi all, I am new here and this my first ever outing.

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    Hello all member
    I would like to have more new friends to discuss , exchange and sharing infomations as i know to people. That is why I joined this forum
    I hope I will have great time here
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    Hello "nightingale"


    We hope you will enjoy exploring the various areas of this Coffee forums website.


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    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful FB page here but the member is no more here, I suppose.
    Whatsoever, the page is superb with a brilliant concept.
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    That is really great sharing. Thanks mate. I love to make new recipes. I always try something new dish. I got little time to try new dishes but when ever I found time I always try something new. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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    Hi all, I am new here...



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