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    Shy even with children?

    Today I was on the bus and some little girl was waving at me, I could tell it was a nice kid and I waved back and smiled in a friendly way, but normally I am not comfortable with children. This was an unusual situation, normally I am often worried they will do something or talk to me and then I don't know how to respond. Wonder if anyone else relates; that is you feel socially anxious not just around adults but also around children?
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    I love children and have never felt like yours.

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    I am sorry, I do not want to offend anyone but I am really not friendly with the kids. It is not the matter of shyness because I am really open to discussion with elderly individuals but somehow, I cannot deal with children. I know its a bad habit but I am like that. I have even tried to change this habit of mine but I haven't been able to do that yet.
    I have got my nephews and one niece but even they are not attached with me since I am not friendly to them whatsoever.

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    Children are always so adorable, they must be treated with special care.
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    I like kids and same with kids. They also like my company, some kids are really cute and adorable in talking.



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