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    Sonofresco Owners site/forum

    Does anyone know of a Owners site for Fluidbed coffee roasters?
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    Cold brew caffeine content

    Does anyone know the "average " caffeine content of say two ounces of cold brew my understanding is that it less then traditional hot brewed coffee/espresso?
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    Problem Solved: Diagnostic assistance with Rancilio"Miss Rancilio" Nancy

    I have just purchased the above used unit it did not come with a manual(have not been able to find one online).I have not been able to get a shot with creama,just watery black residue and the unit gets extremely hot. So suspect I will need a new temp solenoid and possible new pump.I just do not...
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    Coffee Cafe Search

    Hello everyone...I will be in Denver,Colorado this week and would like some recommendations for some Coffee Shops that roast their own beans. I will be staying in the centre of the City. Appreciate any suggestion you may have.