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    Good All Around Coffee Bean Grinder?

    I agree with the previous response, Hario grinders are really nice, I saw many positive reviews about them :star: Mr. Coffee and Hamilton ones are good too, I used the second one for a long time and had no problems with it :coffee: Also a very cool decision is a coffee maker with grinder like in...
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    Want a rock solid non-automated espresso maker. $500 max is my limit.

    I agree with the previous response, Gaggia Classic is really a good choice in this case, one of my friends has it and it's truth about its long quality :) I like also Juna Ena Micro 1, I have this model, it cost me more than 500$ but I think it was worth it, it works good for many years too :)...
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    espresso machine around 150$

    Considering your wish and budget, I would recommend to pay attention on the different Mr. Coffee models, many of them have functions you want, besides they cost very cheap :) Personally I use this Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso for several years and it's really good, well nothing so unique and...