Artificial or regular sugar

So far Splenda is the best if you’re looking at dropping sugar. Real sugar is the best no matter what. Not that white processed crap you can buy in the supermarket that tastes sweet. But a lot of people prefer the white stuff cause they have used it so long.

A few of the other sweeteners aren't bad, but they just lack that intensity and texture, then fall off to a bad after taste. Equal I believe is going to fade away just as Equal killed the little pink packets. I do believe in a few years the yellow Splenda packet will be come the norm!
I don't use any of the least not in my coffee, but just as a point of information....the Splenda plant (only one is exsistance right now) is located about 45 minutes north of where I live here on the Gulf Coast. Recently the company that manufacters Splenda spplied for a permit/license to double the size of their operation. At a public meeting, their was a fairly vocal group there opposing such an expansion.....

......come to find out, it appears the "vocal group" had been compensated by the "Sugar" industry to raise a ruckus....

......interesting? :twisted: