Automatic coffee machine recommendations


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Feb 12, 2021
Hello, well, I don't have much idea of ​​using these gadgets or what to look at, or which is better or worse ... nothing. I imagine that like everything in life, the more expensive it is, the better quality of coffee, materials, etc.

Could you recommend me one if you have one at home or if you know which is the best coffee maker in terms of quality price. I am interested in that it is programmable (to be able to prepare coffee from anywhere of my home) and that it has a digital panel.

I've already been looking at some options but they seem extremely expensive. For example, the delonghi ECAM, which on this page they say is the best automatic coffee machine (, but I see it excessively expensive (almost 1000$). Then there is the cecotec power matic, which is almost half the price but of course, it does half the things.

If you can shed a little light on the subject, I´ll be very gratefull. Regards and thank you very much in advance!


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Nov 15, 2019
New Jersey
First of all, there is no bigger fallacy in this world than the saying "the more expensive it is, the better it is." If you believe that, I've got a very expensive bridge I'd like to sell you. And I find it ironic that you boast about the cost of things yet cannot stomach a $1,000 coffee machine. Those two statement tells me all I need to know.

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