Coffee Home Roastery Setup for Sale! Bullet R1, Fresh Roast, Heat Sealer...


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Nov 14, 2020
Virden, Manitoba
My name is Luis. I am located in Virden, Manitoba, Canada. I decided to sell my entire Coffee Roasting Setup.

For sale are:

1kg Aillio Bullet v1.5 - $2000CAD
FreshRoast SR500 - $100CAD
Agratronix Coffee Moisture Tester - $300CAD
Foot Operated Constant Heat Sealer for Coffee bags(American International Electric)Model AIE 202CH - $400CAD
Cupping Equipment(9 cups, 4spoons, 3 cupping trays) - $100CAD
1lb Sealable Coffee Bags(Block Bottom w/valve) 300-400 left - $150CAD
5lb Sealable Coffee Bags(Side Gusseted w/valve)about 300 - $150CAD

3 Stainless Steel Scoops,
2 Glass Graduated Cylinders,
and about 30-40kg of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - $400CAD


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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
I sold the rest of the setup locally, except the Agratronix moisture tester which is still available.

It would be better (less confusing) if you could list the Agratronix moisture tester in a separate post.

If you do that, then we can close out this thread, since you sold most of the items already.

I'm glad you were able to sell almost everything.

~ Rose