Drive-Thru Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Las Vegas, Nevada


Mar 7, 2003
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I was amused, yet amazed to see a drive-thru coffee shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not just because it was a drive-thru but because it was a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee shop!!! Over the rest of the corporate market in coffee, coffee bean is one of my favorite places to get a coffee. The atmosphere and people are nice.

I didn't drive thru this location because they were closed on sunday at 8pm in Sin City but next time I will try it :) It was attached to other buildings it was also a walk-in, sit-down location.
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Drive-Thru
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Hi... I read this topic & I was amused..... I like Coffee Drinks, Hot Coffee Drinks and Cold Coffee Drinks such as Iced coffee and Espresso. Coffee bean is one of the favorite place of coffee.... thank you
I think there is about seven coffee beans in town. I know at least three are drive thru. If you want to check out some of the local non chain coffee houses, there is Elysium, Rejavanate, city blend, and espresso..

Yep that is it, those are the only non chain/corporate coffee houses in the Las Vegas and Henderson area that I am aware of.

However my own drive thru coffee house will be open in a couple of weeks at latest. If you want to try some espresso that is actually drinkable and check out the atmosphere come check us out. Everything we carry will be usd organic or at least made with 100% organic stuff and we are going for an eco friendly/sustainable vibe.

It’s called Sunrise Coffee were at 3130 E sunset 89120. (formerly mojobean) (my partner posts on this forums also)
Ah I completely forgot about sexpresso.
And didn’t know about the new location. Allot of tourist must stop by there. I should go check it out myself to see what it’s about, although to be honest I feel a bit out of my environment doing so. I’ve actually had conversations about it with a few friends and it seems that the concept of it kind of alienates a big majority of the coffee crowd. But being las vegas I can definitely see the niche for out of towners. It must be doing pretty good though! Considering they opened a new spot.
I'm always happy to hear of any independent business doing well