For Sale Used Mill City 1kg


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Jun 5, 2014
This is well used machine which I refurbed after buying a larger model. It's from 2015 and before mill city made their "improvements". It's been thoroughly scrapped scrubbed regreased and lubed everything to a pretty clean condition. I used it until I installed the new roaster just over a year ago. Recently turned it on and runs still. Setup for natural gas but I have the propane orofices still. Natural was better anyways propane doesn't last long on these machines. Several fans and I think an extra motor shipped with mine. It's the fan on top of the chaff collector model not the one where they put it on the exhaust.

Some small issues occur with a used machine like this. One probe's wiring broke loose attached to the door due to use but the main bean mass probe that's connected to the panel works and the only one you'll use anyways. The cooling tray motor made a bit of noise when on. I greased the part but to my knowledge it's a known defect. The chaff collector is really worn as I used it a lot. It's useable but you'd probably want to replace it eventually for safety reasons. No vent kits as they hadn't started doing that when I bought mine in 2015.

No delivery. Pick up is in cherry hill nj. We have pallets but I'm not crating it. I'll post when/if it sells. $4500 venmo/cash.Message me for info.




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Feb 28, 2008
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Hi Royalmile,

Thanks for giving us a description of some of the issues you've had with your roaster. It will help people decide if they want to buy it. Since buying a roaster is a big investment, it's always good to know the details.

Please post a message here when it's sold.


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Jun 5, 2014
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Bumping this. Still available.Update on price: I’ll take $4000 instead of the $4500.It’s is a pretty slick price considering two others have sold for about that or more recently.


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Dec 10, 2019
Hi RoyalMile,
I'm interested in your roaster, but I'm in the Denver, CO area. I use uship to move a lot of coffee equipment around, and if you were willing to let someone pic the roaster up from you, I can pay for and handle all of the shipping logistics. You wouldn't need to do anything other than schedule a time for them to pick it up.
Please send me a message if this is something you might consider.
Thank you,