💵 For Sale Giesen W1A for sale - FREE FREIGHT SHIPPING within contiguous US (48 states)


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Mar 27, 2023
New Haven, CT
Located in New Haven, CT. Originally asking $13,000 - lowered to $11,500!!!
**** NOW OFFERING FREE FREIGHT SHIPPING WITHIN CONTIGUOUS US (48 states)**** see end of post for details

Selling my 2014 Giesen W1A Coffee Roaster (1 kg). This is set up for propane right now, but can be switched to natural gas. For electrical, it’s 230V 1.6A. I will also include a heavy duty extension cord that plugs into a standard dryer outlet for ease of setup for the new owner. See photos for plug reference (white plug is current roaster plug, the larger black plug is able to plug into a common dryer outlet). Obviously you can get an electrician to wire the original plug at your location, I just happened to have a dryer outlet nearby but just out of reach from where my venting was located, so I purchased this adapter extension from an RV store. Made in the Netherlands, this machine has been stateside and was gone over by Giesen in PA a little over a year ago per the last owner - pretty clean and very little physical wear. I took close up photos of some scuff marks and discoloration in the cooking tray from bean oils - not bad looking for a roughly 8.5 year old machine!

The roaster works great - fires up and functions as expected. There is an Ethernet port on the machine which potentially can connect to software. Unfortunately after purchasing this from the last owner, I found out that this cannot be used with the Giesen Profiler software. However, it should be able to be used with Artisan or other programs possibly, but I cannot guarantee it since I only tracked my roasts by pen and paper. The only reason I'm selling this roaster is because I have a 5kg Diedrich, and was keeping this as a backup when I moved my business into a new space - but I don't have a use for it now.

I’m including extra/previously used parts as pictured. I believe these are all used and were swapped out (so these may be non-functioning) but may help for swap out to natural gas. The roaster was set up for propane when I got it, which is my fuel source, so I’m unsure what, if anything else, is needed to do so to switch over. Giesen has an office in Pennsylvania, and I’m sure you could find out from them.

I have a manual which came with this, but it’s not very useful as the info is not well translated and the control interface is different. That said, I have a manual for a different machine (W6A) that I got from Giesen that does show the same controls as this W1A, so other than some minor differences like size, is more helpful in giving instructions for those unfamiliar with operating a Giesen.

Local pickup preferred, but now offering FREE LTL FREIGHT SHIPPING within contigiuous USA (48 states). I will crate and ship this roaster to your nearest freight carrier's hub or your commercial location. Please note that I CANNOT ship this to residential address! You must have a commercial address, or be willing to pick the roaster up at a nearby freight terminal. Please reach out to me to discuss, I want to make this as easy as possible for both of us.


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