Give us feedback on our specialty food marketplace!


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Sep 7, 2011
Redwood City, CA
Fellow coffee fanatics,

My friends and I are based out of San Francisco, and we're starting a new online marketplace that makes it easy for users to discover and buy from acclaimed, up-and-coming brands around the country. Having a great collection of specialty coffee roasters is a big focus for us as we start out.

We would LOVE to get your feedback on the concept. We're still a few weeks away from launching the site, but thought it would be great to hear from you folks and start getting your thoughts!

You can see our preview page here ( We also have quite a bit of editorial content on our blog here (

Feel free to leave your comments here, and also to give us a shout at [email protected]. If you have a favorite roaster you'd love to see on our site, we'd be thrilled to hear about it!



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Apr 2, 2012
Your idea seams great but you site is not working right now. I found this forum when searching in google for something similar to what you are doing so I hope you will get it up and running.