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psycho supreme

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Jan 6, 2007
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I don't mean to be hurtful, but in all seriousness, I can't imagine any sane guy going to "haapy chick coffee". It will really limit your customers in my opinion.

I'm a very bold guy, but I don't think I would be caught dead at something with such a name in a high school/ college setting.

Just a constructive suggestion.


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Dec 8, 2006
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I think I'm mostly sane, although incoherent at 6 a.m., and yet I would happily buy espresso from a happy chick. Perhaps even prefer it to a similar quality coffee from a grouchy Oscar.
Maybe a daisy - or the flower-power psychedelic 60's flowers from last century (the profs might remember)? Tie-dyed aprons and Laugh-In reruns, Sonny & Cher, a VW espresso cart, "Steal This Coffee", Nancy Sinatra and Go-Go Boots, Peace, Love and French Roast!
Girl Power.
Gwen Stafani and the Harajuku girls.
Happy Chick Cafe' has a lot of positive connotations, and you can give it some positive spin.
If you like it, more power to ya!
Hi All!

Thanks for all the comments.

I do remember the Flower Power days, I just missed them myself. But I thought this name would ring a bell with my older (read 30-40) customers and also the younger women because my daughter is now a student at this college and she is 17 and loves the name. You know, retro is COOL!!

To the guys that don't think they would buy coffee from a stand named Happy Chick I have a question. Would you if all your friends did?

I see the name as empowerment to females (old and young) because it will be woman owned and operated. And I see the name as attractive to guys because they will be getting served their coffee by a Happy Chick. Does this ring true?

Also, thanks to CafeBlue for the Flower Power idea! I love it, I plan on using it in all my promotions.

Thanks for all the comments! I feel like it is a good name now. But I would like to hear more from a female perspective. Let me know what you think about my name. Thanks All!!!!

Coffee Guy

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Oct 19, 2003
Seattle,Washington USA
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Hey cherylann324:

Thought I'd add my two cents in for what it's worth. If you use a name like that, be sure to establish what it means in the very beginning. And hopefully people see it as being tasteful. As an example, here in the Seattle area we have been getting alot of press both locally and nationally lately regarding some of the business practices for some of the espresso drive thrus dressing a little less tasteful to increase their tips and business. Whereas some see this as being tacky while others see it a good business move. The only problem I see with this logic is that it creates problems for baristas that do not appreciate some of the comments from customers both men and women assuming it is okay to take liberities. So I would be careful in choosing your name 8) .
Hi CoffeeGuy,

Yes, I see your point. I do not plan to have my business seen as exploiting females, but to have it represent coffee as something that can make the all customers "Happy." "Chick" is just a referral to who is running it and an advertising ploy to get a young demographic interested!

Also, I am hoping it will appeal to baby boomers who remember when chick was a label with good conotations. I myself am a happy chick, and all my customers will either be happy chicks (because they are getting a great cup of coffee) or served a happy producing coffee by a chick!

My staff and I will be wearing T-shirts with our logo (which I also hope to sell, amazingly) that will be full coverage and suitable in any coffee shop. Just because we are cute will not detract from our professional demeanor.

Truly, the name is not sexual in nature. Just pleasing, hopefully unique and (dare I hope it) a little hip.

As I said, I do see your point, and I will not consider sexual implications as any part of my marketing presentation.
Hi All!

Just a little note on the name.

I am getting great feedback locally on the name. Mostly from women, they love it! The small business organizations that I am working with and even the women at the courthouse (who see lots of different names) and the secretaries from all the organizations that I am working with love it! I think it may be because it is empowering without being demeaning. I'm not really sure why because even the women I talk to don't seem to know why!

Anyone with more input? I'd love to hear what everyone thinks and if you can, why.

Cheryl Ann
Hi All!

Thanks for the feedback. I know the name is a small overall part of the product, with quality and location being the first two. But if a business makes it and goes national...who knows? I wanted to be prepared. It COULD happen, right?

Having a business degree makes me savy enough to look at the successes of any business, and of course in this business the leader is "Starbucks" (named after obscure objects.) The name is everything AFTER the first two issues have been addressed. So I wanted a name that I was comfortable with and had possible national appeal.

Anybody who has input on my name idea, please pass it on. Either why it won't work or how to market it. I know this forum has lots of viewpoints and I want to hear them. Let it roll!!

Cheryl Ann