Help! I'm looking for a paypal alternative



On the cigar forums where I chat every day they guys are really supporting

Check it out?




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May 26, 2011

Try PayQuicker, they seem to be pretty good. they're new. I have an account with them and I like it. The account is FDIC insured which is cool because you don't have to worry about your money if they ever go out of business plus I have full control of the account. they have real cust srvs and some live chat thing as well. they have a 10k monthly limit instead of 500.00 like paypal and they dont take a large percentage out of your earnings like all the others. I think the most I have spent in fee were like 4.00 out of 6k that I made. the account was free to setup and a 2.00 for the Verification process which was only one time after setup. I have had the account for a year and a half and love it. It does cost a buck to send money to your bank account though which isnt bad compared to the percentage taken out of a paypal transaction. $10000.00 - $1.00 = $9999.00 (PayQuicker) apposed to 10000.00 - 2.9%($290.00) = 9710.00 (Paypal) I can live with that. Check them out if you want.


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Oct 30, 2012
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