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Feb 28, 2008
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If you are posting using Tapatalk, this is just a friendly reminder and a redirection to the thread that explains how to stop the TapaTalk signature from appearing at the bottom of your posts.

Please follow the instructions for removing the signature line, before you post to the Forum using Tapatalk.




Here are the instructions - to make it easier for you:

If the words
Sent from my __ (your brand of phone)__ using Tapatalk show up at the bottom of your posts, please follow the instructions to stop it from showing up.

When those words appear at the end of each post, it looks like an advertisement for whatever model phone or tablet you're using. This is basically SPAM, and SPAM is something we try to avoid on the Coffee Forum.

There is a box that you need to uncheck in your phone or tablet's Tapatalk settings. Other Forum Members have told me it is very easy to find. Once they unchecked the box, the extra wording stopped appearing at the end of each post that they made to the Coffee Forum.

You need to open the Tapatalk app, and then go into the Tapatalk settings and make the change for the signature line.

open Tapatalk app
click settings
scroll down to "Tapatalk Signature"
select NONE

If you're posting to the Coffee Forum using Tapatalk, please visit your phone/tablet's settings, and do whatever you need to do to turn that message off.

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