in ENGLISH its COFFEE...what's yours???


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Nov 17, 2005
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:) How you doin??? Anywei...dropping by for a topic for im interested in knowing more about looking forward on how others call it with their Native Language...

Let me start it of anyway...Im a Filipino....from the wonderful island of the Philippines.....known for its KAPENG BARAKO, from Batangas (A Province in the Phils.), brewed coffee known for its strong flavored and aroma.

Anyhoo, we call COFFEE as KAPE!


so, KAPIHAN NA!!! :-D

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Nov 17, 2005
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well, in my native tongue -- it's coffee, but, being a serious coffee drinker i've had to learn it in other languages as well. in german= cafe, in slovak = kava. and the latest language i've had to learn it in? -- text messaging language. with that T9 function (, it's 263333. do you think that the IMing kids have a new word for it? CFE or something?


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Feb 8, 2005
South Africa
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heres one

we have lots of different official lingo in south africa.

i can only speak 2 (one being english and the other arfikaans)

afrikaans is a bastardised version of dutch as you all probably know and we simply call it KOFFIE.

otherwise, its just stick to just calling it coffee.
i know that in one of the native lingos they call it IKOFIE (EE-KO-FIE)
im pretty sure it is called that in south sotho.
In Indonesia and Malaysia (plus sometimes Singapore) coffee is known as Kopi. Hence "Kopi Luwak"- literally Luwak coffee. Interesting I was just with the owners of one of the big Philippino chains. I understand Liberica or Barako is very big over there. We still have some Liberica here from the turn of century change from rust damaged arabica- Liberica- to the bulk grown robustas of today. The Liberica is interesting huh...very big cherries.