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Hey there coffee people,

I also have a 1 KG Mill City Roaster for sale. We were thinking we were going to use it for profiling and maybe for some limited release situations but we haven't touched it since July of 2023. We used it for our production roaster (insane I know) for about a year putting out about 100 pounds a week. So it's been in use but in great condition. We have the mill city vent kit on it and about 3ish ft of venting (z-flex 6inch) to go along with it. We got it used from a guy that used it for about 2 months until he realized he bought too beefy of a machine for a home roaster.

We regularly cleaned the venting, chaff collector, cooling tray, trier, etc. No fires or anything weird that has happened to the machine. Just a solid buddy for anyone looking to have a cheaper entry into the coffee industry or for someone looking to add a smaller roaster to profile new beans. It's currently set up for natural gas but propane burners are available from mill city on the cheap.

I just pulled some photos from our social media, but I'll upload some more if needed! Feel free to look up @Happcoffeeroasters to verify we are legit and that we legit have the 1kg and the 6kg in our roastery. Second photo is my son when we were set up in our temp location.

Looking to get $7,000. They are around $10,000 new with venting kit, shipping, and taxes.

EDITED TO ADD: Located in Central Virginia (Waynesboro) and happy to crate and ship at your expense. Probably going to add 200-500 for shipping depending on location so keep that in mind.


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