What Software do you use to Manage your Coffee Roasting Business?


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Jul 29, 2020
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I know that it is important to find the right software to manage business operations. I recommend checking out tools like Cropster or Artisan. These platforms offer features like roast profiling, inventory management, and sales tracking. Also, I suggest considering a niche marketplace for coffee, like a specialty coffee marketplace to showcase your products to a targeted audience of coffee enthusiasts. It can also help expand your business.
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Mar 14, 2024
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I was a software developer in a past life so.....
I used MySQL and created an extensive coffee database that tracks everything.
o Suppliers
o Inbound bags of green beans
o Roasts
o Customers
o Outbound bags of roasted beans
What this allows me to do is .... just about anything I want, including:
1. Track green & roasted inventory at the push of a button.
2. Look at my month-on-month sales and profitability.
3. Track customer usage (with automatic loyalty program).
4. Compare roast losses with different bags of the same green coffee.
5. Find previous similar old roasts, so I know how a current roast should behave.

I'm currently working on an HTML front-end so data entry is more friendly.
I'm also trying to add a new thermocouple to my roaster so the roast data not only shows up using Artisan but also is recorded automatically in my database.
It's all a labor of love and I probably couldn't justify the amount of work I have done on this.

I just couldn't stand not really knowing how my business was going.
I used to keep stuff on paper. Lots and lots of paper.
NorthSouth, is this something you might be willing to sell? I am brand new to this industry, and I’m looking for something like this to track data from green purchasing all the way to wholesale and retail sales. Would love to talk with you about what you have developed. Have a great day.
I've been leveraging a mix of custom Excel formulas and a basic database tool to keep track of roasting schedules, inventory, and customer orders. It’s not as cool as a giant chalkboard (seriously, that’s pretty epic), but it gets the job done... most days. 😅