WMF Software... please help!


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Oct 31, 2020
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I'm still looking for the konfigtool or firmware for the 1300 Prestolino. The Presto software works so far,
but I have a problem with the manual coffee insertion and the display inversion.


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Feb 3, 2022
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Hello, I have a defective wmf 1000 pro(s(s) , got a good Board from a wmf 800.
No ineed Firmware to reflash to 1000 pro s
Can someone upload wmf Firmware please

Thanks a lot



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Oct 15, 2022
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Witam kolego wiem z forum że masz wiedzę do WMF. Szukam pliku .hex do mojego standardu WMF 1000. Zależy mi na wersji OST z językiem polskim. Możesz mi pomóc? A czy wiesz jak pobrać .hex z maszyny? Mam trochę wiedzy i powinienem sobie z tym poradzić, jeśli możesz pomóc :) dziękuję i życzę miłego dnia :)


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Sep 3, 2023
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Can anyone have a processor firmware for the WMF 1000 Pro?
My processor burned out and I ordered a new one from China, not flashed.
Unfortunately, the firmware I have is only suitable for WMF ECCO II and WMF 1000 Standart.
I have the ability to connect to the board and flash it.

Hello Maryk, I have a WMF 1000 Standard with firmware V2.03 since 2006. Until yesterday I had the problem with the message "Service requested" in the display and was able to resolve this with the software "WMF Service DE_V0.63.00".

My machine has been to WMF customer service 2 times in the many years and had also received a software update. After that, the cleaning programmes were somewhat better in my opinion (e.g. longer steam emission when cleaning the milk system). About 2 years ago, the machine had a defect and I had it repaired by a specialist. He installed a new control board and then I had the old software firmware V2.03 again. I would like to update to a newer firmware.

Is there a possibility that you could provide me with the firmware for the WMF 1000 Standart (e-mail: [email protected]). I would also offer a flat rate for expenses. I would then try to transfer the firmware to my machine using the software "WMF Service DE_V0.63.00".

If you could give any tips or hints, that would be great.

Matthias Heihoff
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