You Have An Opportunity To Be Heard Concerning Coffee Labeling

As you may know, the Hawaii Coffee Farms have been fighting incorrect and fraudulent blends labeling. We finally are being listened to and the state wants infor from everyone, including the general public to ensure the coffee is labeles properly and as you expect. So here is the posting and mahalo (thanks) for your help.

Kona and Kaʻu Coffee labeling project needs your input!

In the final month of the state’s Coffee Labeling economic study, GUILD Consulting will complete stakeholder discussions and data collection to develop and finalize the report. Stakeholder and public participation is sought. Please take a moment to contribute!!

Most importantly: For coffee growers who would like to share their perspective on the impact of 10, 51, or 100% labeling, please complete the Discussion Survey at: by December 8th. It’s only 6 questions.

Secondly: Kona and Kaʻu coffee growers who have not yet responded to the input cost survey are asked to complete the form-fillable Excel file, identifying the main costs of production. The survey can be downloaded at (please note: the form will automatically begin downloading). Respondents are asked to email the completed form to the project team by December 1st. Paper copies are available and can be requested by emailing [email protected].

Finally, Share with your friends, family and even customers: The general public is invited to participate in an exercise to gauge broad perceptions of potential impact of various labeling scenarios. Those interested in providing their views on potential scenario outcomes, can share their perspective by completing the exercise at through December 15th.

GUILD Consulting seeks sales data. If your retail operation sells coffee, including Kona and/or Kaʻu coffee among other types, and you’re willing to share volume and pricing data, please contact the project team at [email protected] (subject: Coffee data). Proprietary data will be analyzed but will not be shared publicly and will be kept confidential.

With major holidays punctuating the short project period, set to be completed by the end of December, ongoing stakeholder willingness to participate, as well as enthusiasm and interest by the broad public, continues to be greatly appreciated. The project team thanks those who have already taken the time to provide feedback and meaningful insights and looks forward to continuing to connect to support successful and timely completion of the project aims.

This project has been made possible via Act 222, SLH 2022, which was enacted to support Hawaiʻi’s coffee growers by appropriating funds to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to conduct an independent study to assess the economic impact of Hawaiʻi’s coffee labeling laws on local coffee farmers and the local coffee industry.