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    caffiene and joint pain...

    does anyone have any information that would suggest a connection b/w caffeine and joint pain - arthritis related on not. i haven't been able to find any myself, but have been experiencing some pain in my wrist. cutting back my caffeine intake has seemed to effect a significant decrease in my symptoms.



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    Caffiene and joint pain: Here's why!

    I have arthritis in nearly every joint and throughout my spine. I also love good coffee! Coffee/caffiene is known to cause dehydration, from excessive urination. Less fluid in joints can increase pain, but can also help reduce pain, during periods when I have joint swelling. I definitely have more joint pain when I don't supplement with pure, filtered water. However, I also notice that drinking coffee with arthritis and pain meds helps increase the overall effectiveness of the drugs and makes them work faster. Good aspirin products use caffiene in their formulations, because it's a medical fact that caffiene acts as a carrier for the aspirin, making it enter the bloodsteam more effectively and go to work faster, as well. Next time you go shopping, check out the labels on several bottles of aspirin. The good ones all have the caffiene carrier! I'm speaking from years of experience and not quoting any medical journals! Just don't consume in excess. Moderation is the key, when we have arthritis or joint pain. Works for me! Best wishes.

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    Dehydration isn't from excessive urination. It's recommended you drink plenty of water per day, and what happens then? More urination.

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    Pain in Joints and coffee drinking

    I suffer from early onset of osteo arthritis.

    I noticed that the more coffee I drank, the more joint pain I had.

    I started drinking a coffee with naturally low caffeine and ganoderma
    mushroom extract. the result has been to be almost free of aches and
    pains. I would recommend this to any one who loves coffee, but not the
    effects it has on our body.


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    Joints and caffeine

    "Balance is essential for nervous system homeostasis. Imbalance of one nervous system creates an imbalance of the other. (1,2) During a course of caffeine anaphylaxis, caffeine generates the "fight or flight response," and acts like amphetamine. Effects of the sympathetic nervous system and effects of the parasympathetic nervous system are accelerated. The sympathetic activity overrides the parasympathetic activity, creating an anticholinergic effect (against the parasympathetic system), disabling muscle relaxation.

    Allergies are capable of triggering jaw rigidity, and temporomandibular jaw dysfunction (TMJ). (3,4) Caffeine use is associated with bruxism. (5) Allergic reactions to caffeine cause TMJ, and bruxism."
    Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients

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    Joint pain and Coffee

    I am a very lucky 73 year old male who has no chronic pains and who is not on any prescription or over-the-counter drugs. I usually don't drink coffee, but I make 4 cups a day in the morning for my wife. Recently I started saving her coffee leftovers in the refrigerator since I found I like iced coffee. Normally, I would sip hot coffee, but I found myself chug-a lugging 8 ounces of the cold stuff in a few minutes.

    Then I began to suffer very serious neck and back pain from what before had been temporary discomforts. (One night I was awake at 4 AM seriously considering going to the emergency room.) I would have to avoid further irritation of that particular pain for two days before it would abate. And then another injury would occur and I began to think my pain free days were over and that I had suddenly contracted arthritis. Remember I have been in good spirits and chronic pain free for 73 years. I was beginning to panic. The only thing I could think of to do was to quit drinking all that coffee.

    And that was the end of it. I was back to my old pain free self

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    Coffee and back pain

    I also have been fighting the coffee and back pain syndrome. I find that Coffee causes my back to stiffen and ache throughout the day. If there is some help for this coffee back pain relationship please let us know. I love coffee and quiting is turning out to be more than I want to deal with.

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    Are you sure it's not reaching for the mouse while drinking coffee? Snicker ...just kidding ( iknow it's not a funny matter)
    If your java tastes bitter: ASK QUESTIONS.
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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    Re:caffiene and joint pain...

    Well itsjona, as far I know coffee has nothing to do with joint pain. Over usage of Caffeine may lead to overweight and heart burn or digestion problems, but it will not affect joints. Join paints are caused mainly due to injury. Though food has some impact on muscle''s growth, its almost impossible to say that coffee weakens muscle growth.

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    caffeine and joint pain

    hello john 631. interesting your note . . . i also have experienced relief from pain in my back and shoulders when i stopped drinking coffee for one week. i did get the expected head ache but it went away the third day. but . . . i started up again after that week. i love coffee. now i need to try again and see if quiting coffee once again has the same pain relieving effect on me. i am 51 and finish concrete for a living. pain is part of the deal. but maybe it doesn''t need to be quite the deal its been.


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