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    I would die...

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    The coffees stimulating effects the allergic symptoms are masked. Coffee consumption increases the adrenaline found in the body. Epinephrine is used to halt allergic reaction and with the combined stimulate effect can product delusions. Some of the byproducts created by the breakdown of adrenaline by the human body can produce the same symptoms of schizophrenia.
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    You can develop an allergy to anything at any time. I am allergic to instant coffee but ok with regular. Coffee used to put me straight to sleep, but now it works normally. It’s weird stuff. I Hope will help you to know about coffee allergy. Coffee can easily be replaced with herbal tea, yerba mate for some extra energy, and fresh prepared juice, fresh opened coconut (water).
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    I only just read the first few posts of this thread, but if anyone has seen my "why does coffee make me so tired thread" and wants to respond, now I am thinking perhaps I have a caffeine allergy, or at least that I obviously have a VERY bad reaction to it.

    I don't have anything like schizophrenia like the OP, but I do have obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and depression, and I think coffee makes all of them much worse.

    I never considered that it might be an "allergy' as such, but whatever we call it it's just plain bad FOR ME personally with my mental makeup, and I am in many ways similar to the poster of this thread because I also have some mental health issues and tend to have an addictive personality.

    Is the OP of this thread on this forum anymore?

    I'm going to start trying HARD again to get down on caffeine tomorrow cause it's really messing me up.

    Caffeineaddict: if you are around, did you ever get over your caffeine problem and if not, how did you get over it??
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    I had this too


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