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    Hmm that's funny that link has been dead for quite some time so what did you find useful about it?
    Have you ever walked through the aisle of your local grocer and smelled the death of a dying bean?

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    As drinking is an integral part of most meals, something must be said about today's drinking habits. Huge amounts of tea and coffee are consumed in the West and consumption is on the increase [as are many of the associated ills]. Coffee, tea and many soft drinks are stimulating drinks because of their caffeine content. But caffeine is a poison (the lethal dose is around 10 grams), and the "lift" it gives, lessening fatigue and brightening thoughts, is very temporary and far outweighed by its long-term side effects."Caffeine has been repeatedly reported to increase stomach acid secretion and promote ulcers. A recent study showed that it also produces anxiety, irritability and depression. It also raises blood pressure, damages blood vessels and causes heart attacks. Birth defects have recently been correlated to coffee consumption during pregnancy. And, finally, caffeine has been shown to promote breast cancer, bladder cancer, and infertility.

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    So mackyy20, we better drink some coffee from chernobyl's nuclear plant backyard plantation? It might be healthier.
    Without SERIOUS links to SERIOUS studies, what you just wrote lacks of any real meaning.
    I'm off. enjoy your coffees.


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