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    Question Home Roast Machine - ease of use.


    I'm wanting to start to roast coffee at home, and have found the Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster for a reasonable price.

    With no no experience personally, I'm wondering if anyone has used this and can feed back how easy to use it is and the quality of the roast.

    I look forward to hearing from people.

    Many thanks

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    They're OK. Like any roaster, you still have to learn how to roast in order to get the most out of them. One advantage, if you're using it indoors, it's fairly easy to add some ducting to get the smoke out a window.

    Have you considered building a SC/TO? You have to be somewhat handy, but they're ~$100 if you buy parts new, and are more controllable than just about anything you'd roast with at home.

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    Any other home Roasting machine suggestion than Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster for beginner?
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    Behmor's are pretty nice... especially now that they have a bit of manual control

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    Yes- you can get 2 BEHMOR 1600 plus models for the price of a Gene. They are getting better all the time and roast one pound at a time.



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