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    Cool Top 5 coffee roasting tips for the community!

    Hey coffee bean lovers ,

    As I love brewing coffee and roasting it by myself, I would like to share my tips to the community as a way to give back from all the stuff I learned here!

    What I wrote in the ebook:

    - 3 roasting methods that I use myself to brew my favorite coffee
    - Over 5 different roast methods taught to become an expert roaster like me
    - 5 steps to perfection for coffee roasting

    Here is the link for the ebook! Hope you guys enjoy it!

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    Hello Tomasm,

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums website.

    In another thread, that you started today, you wrote that you stopped drinking coffee.

    Why roast and brew coffee, if you're not going to be drinking it??


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    TS, your link is not working?



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