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    Smiles Coffee - can't email them

    I used to have a link to Smiles Coffee on my website and did have at least one person who purchased through there. I haven't been able to log into my affiliate account for months and every email I send to smiles coffee bounces back. Now I see their website is gone. What is up?

    I'm guessing any money they owed me is long gone now. I would like to find out what happened though. All the scam things I see online - looks like this IS a scam.

    Is there anyone left that has a working email at that company?

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    Smiles Coffee

    Never heard of them. Whao were they and what did they do?

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    R.S- they were like a multi-level marketing opperator of sorts. They spent quite some time spamming their product- on this board and in general email mail outs. There are some comments about them somewhere on this board...although my search function comes up with a SQL error and I can not find the link at present.
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    Yeah...A.E. I recall that we all saw through their %$$@& and slammed them pretty good. I knew something was funny back then because no one could defend them
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