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    Chemex pour over ratio vs Cupping ratio (water vs coffee)

    here is a simple yet excellent video about how to make Chemex pour over.

    In this video, he uses 360 grams of water with 24 grams of coffee (360 grams of water = 12.70 oz of water. 1oz = 28.35 gram) this means he is using 1 oz of water for 1.90 grams of coffee which is 16% higher water vs coffee ratio than Cupping.

    Just for your information, when we cup, we use 1.63 grams of coffee for 1 oz of water. so, if you have a cup that can have 10 oz of water, you are supposed to use 16.3 grams of coffee grind for cupping purpose.

    BTW, it is essential to have kitchen scale (as below) if you want to practice cupping or make great Chemex at home. I bought mine from Amazon at $10.00 and it works very well.
    Chemex pour over ratio vs Cupping ratio (water vs coffee)-1.jpg



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