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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonraider View Post
    Hello friends, I just join this community and I want to know about coffee.

    I watch Youtube vedio that informing Tea is not good for our health, But I can have a coffee but hot or Cold.

    Which is beneficial for my health hot or Cold coffee.
    i guess that for health matter, it should be the same.
    generally, i drink hot coffee when the weather is cold and cold coffee when it is hot.
    and of course, when I am trying out some very good specialty coffees, always hot coffee methods.

    as example now, I am in Los Angeles.
    so, in the morning, normally i have either AeroPress or Pour Over.
    and in the afternoon, i drink cold brew that I usually make at home.

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    Coffee is coffee whether you prefer to take it hot or cold both are good but I prefer hot coffee the aroma and a sip of a hot coffee relaxes my mind makes me feel stress free and I won't get this in cold coffee I might sound weird but this is what I feel


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