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    Coffee + Cola = Enjoyable drinkable beverage?

    This morning, I ran across this youtube. La Croix Coffee Cola reviewed by James Hoffmann.

    Spoiler alert! Not a good drink at all. according to JH.

    to me, it seems like coffee & cola isn't a good combination. Even the biggest cola company, Coca Cola introduced Coca-Cola Blak for two years in 2006. then, in 2017, they took another whack at it with Coca-Cola Plus Coffee (weird name...) in Australia (why???? Melbourne being the best coffee city in the world...and these guys take coffee really really seriously...). then poof. gone again.

    As I heard, Coke is planning to introduce another coffee/cola drink in 2019 into 20 different markets (I guess markets mean 20 different countries?)

    what do you think about coffee/cola or cola/coffee drink concept?
    does it work?

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    I really wish they would bring back back the Coca-Cola Blak! I really enjoyed it.
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
    Ken Hutchinson, Starsky and Hutch

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    I've tried the Coca Cola Coffee Plus, the taste is not bad, It is true tho that the caffeine is 2x stronger than a normal coffee I almost can't sleep just from a few sips. Almost probably like red-bull!!



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