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    Types of Iced Coffee at Starbucks

    Who is the expert on Iced Coffee stuff at Starbucks?

    Can someone tell me what the list of Ice Coffee variaties are available at Starbucks (bonus if you can give me a description of each)?



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    Travis, Travis, Travis...Why not contact SB themselves and ask this question I could be wrong, but I don't think you're going to get much response from anyone in this forum about someone elses product
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    Its all on their website:
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    Iced Coffee @ Starbux

    decaf and regular... that's it. they are usually the house and decaf house blend (both mild, slightly acidic). any flavors are added by a separate syrup.

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    Iced coffee @ starbucks

    I'm from holland and unfortunately we don't have starbucks in our country but I do know the starbucks from germany. Here's a list of iced coffee variaties as they have it in germany. I don't know if it's the same assortment as by you, but at least it's something.

    Frappuccino® Ice Blended Coffee

    Eisgekühlte Kaffee-Kreation

    Eisgekühlte Kaffee-Kreation mit Schokolade

    Eisgekühlte Kaffee-Kreation mit Karamellsirup, geschlagener Sahne und Karamellsauce

    Eisgekühlte Espresso-Kreation

    Frappuccino® Ice Blended Cream

    Cremige, eisgekühlte Vanille-Kreation mit geschlagener Sahne

    Cremige, eisgekühlte Schokoladen-Kreation mit geschlagener Sahne

    Cremige, eisgekühlte Karamell-Kreation mit geschlagener Sahne

    Frappuccino® Ice Blended Tea

    Eisgekühlte Spezialität mit Himbeer-Tee

    Mango Citrus
    Eisgekühlte Spezialität mit Mango-Citrus-Tee



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