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    Help Please: Need Help fixing Saeco Via Venezia


    This morning when I was making the espresso with my machine Saeco Via Venezia I heard some weird noise and suddenly I saw there was no coffee dripping from where it usually comes, but there was water coming from the top of the machine. Like the water from falling from where the pump is. I just stopped it and dried out the water

    I just opened to see if there's anything wrong. But I can't identity anything just by looking. I called a place where they fix coffee machines but it would be more expensive than what I paid for the machine, so that's not an option. If anyone can help me identify the problem and maybe I coule try to replace the part by myself. Otherwise would just buy a new coffee machine.

    I just took 2 pictures, but if you need any close up, let me know.Help Please:  Need Help fixing Saeco Via Venezia-img_20191230_155315.jpg Help Please:  Need Help fixing Saeco Via Venezia-img_20191230_155329.jpg

    Thanks in advance
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    I'd suggest (very carefully) running it a few seconds uncovered as in the pics to get an idea. Based on what bit I can see it might be leaking from the teflon hose/compression fittings that connect the pump outlet to the boiler inlet. Over time those will leak and spew all over due to the pressure. The other lines are low pressure silicone compared to the teflon.

    Also appears to have an OPV of some sort where the pump outlet T is... most flow would go to the boiler and any excess should go back to the reservoir via that silicone tubing. You might want to check that part if it can be taken apart/cleaned as well as what should be a group valve up under the shower screen. If there's some clogging there it could be backing up on pressure and it has to go somewhere. Are all other functions working as they should?

    OMT... has the overflow line (tube going from OPV) always been in that location as it seems it should be further down as in going more toward the reservoir?
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    Thank you! will follow your advice. The machine wasn't having any issues before



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