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    Customize drinks for Jura?

    So I go big and get the Jura Z6. Am now thinking of returning it and getting the Z8 but thought I'd check here. Having to pay an additional thousand for like 3 additional drinks and a touchscreen seems ridiculous. But apparently for $3500 you can't make a basic Caf Latte. Have to get the Z8. OK so what is a basic latte? Assuming it's coffee on the bottom, warm milk infused into that, and foam on the top. But Jura doesn't let you create your own drinks, you have to copy ones that already exist and thru the app or the main screen no easy way to tell what order things come out in. So like if I copy the Cafe Macchiato it is milk, coffee, foam with distinct separations. But none of my given drinks would work. Even a flat white, there is no foam in that so can't "add" it to a custom drink. Am I missing something? Thought with this machine you could create your own custom drinks with custom orders for outputting each ingredient and how much of each.


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    Per their spec sheet the Z6 should be able to make:

    Latte macchiato
    Flat white
    2 x Coffee
    2 x Espresso
    2 x Ristretto
    Milk foam
    Hot water
    Number of speciality coffees



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