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    what is the best method of roasting?

    I am opening a coffee shop in the very near future and trying to determine what the best way to roast my own beans will be. Do you recommend slow roasting or using an in-oven faster method? Any suggestions would be very helpful! [/b]

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    In most cases I recommend not roasting at first.
    Consider: Roasting coffee (and buying green coffee and blending, and packaging, etc.) is an entirely different business, which requires several completely different skill sets from cafe operations. Roasting requires a further (and large) investment in capital equipment - that is more specialized than coffee brewing and foodservice equipment.
    In a start-up new venture, you will have your hands full successfully operating one new type of business - why add another major challenge? You should readily find several committed specialty coffee roasters to compare - and then you can select coffee and service levels that best suit your needs.
    Learn and put into practice all you can about coffee brewing, tasting, espresso, barista skills, training, cafe/foodservice operations and local store marketing. Then think about expanding by adding a second cafe location or by adding a roasting capability.
    Just because you do not roast, does not mean that you cannot promote your own coffee brand. You can easily work with many roasters to co-pack coffee in your brand packaging. Depending on volume, packaging, costs, product selection, and other factors - a co-packing scenario may be best option forever. Several multi-unit chains and franchisors have co-packed in one variation or another for decades while strongly promoting their brand.



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