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    selling home-roasted coffee

    Hello all! I''m new to the forum and I hope someone can answer my questions. Does anyone roast beans at home for commercial use, i.e. serve at your own coffeeshop or supply to a business? If so, do you know if roasting coffee at home for commercial use needs a special license, a specific setup, etc.? My DH, BIL, and I are opening up a kiosk in our local hospital and are planning to use the beans we roast at home. We are using the RK drum roaster. I was going to provide all the baked goodies until I found out that I need a commerical kitchen. So, I was wondering if the same kind of thing applies to roasting coffee.

    Thanks in advance for any insight!

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    Every state is unique, however I believe that your state will want to ensure that anything you are selling has come from a "kitchen" that meet certain standards. I suggest you discuss the project with your local health department, they can give you good advice and insight.
    Good Luck
    John and Bobbi



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