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    Mr. Peaberry,

    When you wrote that the waitstaff can make $100 in tips per shift, you got my attention.

    I took a look, and I have to admit, the Lazy Dog restaurants are not at all like what I was picturing them to be. I originally imagined non-pet owners having to walk past an outside area full of barking dogs before getting inside the restaurant.

    The fact that it's an upscale, spacious restaurant, and not just a coffee shop, makes a huge difference.

    And, I'm sure the waitstaff assigned to the pet area would need to be either pet lovers or pet tolerant.

    The pet concept appears to be is do-able, but only if it's done right.


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    You might be right, Rose. There is a pet coffee shop in our area name AiLu Cat Cafe (can be seen via here). It has a very good sale at the openning. But now it is going to be closed, most probably the shop owners cannot control their guest's pets. Only their branch in Hanoi is now still openning.
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