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    Organic/Fair Trade certification...

    Anyone out there go through the process of getting your roasting program certified as organic?

    We'd like to hear your thoughts or concerns on the process.



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    Using gimmicks like "Organic" and "Fair Trade" to gain an audience makes one wonder why they can't stand on the quality of the coffee they roast and serve. These things should always be an afterthought. Source great coffee responsibly and your customers will respond. Trying to dupe the public into believing that these are signs of quality sets the industry backwards.

    David Schomer said it best, "The politics of coffee should be kept in the back room." Don't burden the customer with these things, just source and serve excellent coffee, and everyone will benefit.
    John Piquet
    caffe d'bolla
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    Um...... While I agree that the fair trade issue may come down to politics, I would hope to source and serve excellent organic coffee at roughly the same price as non-organic offerings. And I'm not sold on the idea that offering organic coffee that hasn't been exposed to certain pesticides would be considered a gimmick.




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