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    anyone bought beans from starbucks/coffee bean?

    just wondering how is their beans compared to those freshly roasted. And what about those supermarket beans? In my country, there is a brand called Boncafe. Although it is whole beans, strangely their instruction is for french pressed. Because of this, I did not buy their coffee beans

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    That is kinda strange when they are selling whole bean and asking to be brewed in just one method.

    Most of the national companies would not have very fresh roasted beans. Because of they need to roast tons of beans at the same time, it is hit or miss to purchase beans from the local markets for their freshness.

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    Does their packaging have 'roasted on this date'? I'm sure they have a world class supply chain that keeps it pretty fresh in their retail outlets. Grocery stores might be a little different though. This is speculation though.
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