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    your reasons for drinking "Decaf"?

    What are the driving forces behind the decaf industry?

    I guess that one of the biggest reasons is due to potential health risks, mainly caffeine.
    And pregnant women might be another one.

    What else reasons do you have for drinking decafs?

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    Aren't people with high blood pressure suppose to drink decaf? When ever I'm at the doctor and my blood pressure is a little high she asks if I just had some coffee.

    I have to have a blood workup done a couple times a year and am suppose to fast for 12 hours before the draw but was surprised when they told me it was ok to drink coffee before the draw as long as it's black.

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    After 5PM, and I want a coffee so its decaf if I expect an easy sleep.

    Well roasted decaf is far superior to any store bought general grade decaf.

    If you roast then make a decaf that will knock the socks off your uninformed decaf buyer, if you dont roast then make the effort to find a good decaf, its out there...



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